Kosher Exports

One of the basic pillars of business in today’s age and time, is the lack of boundaries. In today’s digital, data powered age, a business which continues to be bound by geographic limits, is one which will find itself losing out on opportunities left and right. After all, how can you compete in a market where your competitor has better sourcing capabilities than you?

Yes. Depending upon your sources, you may just be paying a premium of up to several

hundred percent as compared to your competitors. What’s more, once you come to categories like “Food and Agricultural Produce” you may find yourself facing competitors that are not only sourcing from sources that are more authentic and provide better quality produce, but which also offer them better prices – leading to more revenues.

And this is exactly where Kosher Exports comes in. Formed with the mission of easing the process of import-export for companies based all over the globe, Kosher Exports offers companies the chance to completely revolutionize their sourcing methods and receive the best prices and the best products! How? Let’s take a look!

Food is one of the most vaunted commodities in the world. After all, everyone eats. And people are more than willing to pay a premium for good quality food. In terms of business, restaurants, hotels and grocery stores are some of the biggest consumers of fresh produce.

True, there are a lot of factors involved in importing something from across the country. After all, how do you know that the supplier you are talking to will make the promised delivery once the payment has been made? How do you know that you will be provided exactly what you have been in terms of quality and quantity and nothing less? Well, a possible solution is of course to send one of your people to visit he supplier in person and make sure that everything is done as per your specifications.

However, the difficulties that implementing this solution will involve are pretty huge. For instance, not only would it be expensive, but it could also prove to be an exercise in futility unless the person who has been sent is well familiar with the local language, customs, laws etc.

And this is where Kosher Exports can come to your aid. Run by veterans of the import/export industry, Kosher has managed to maintain intimate relationships with some of the largest farmers, and farming corporations in India. This enables Kosher to ensure that its clients receive the highest quality produce, at the lowest possible prices. Since Kosher purchases in bulk and is a regular customer for these farmers, they are also very keen to maintain the quality of their produce and ensure that it meets Kosher’s benchmarks.

At Kosher, we ensure that:

  • Your orders are processed and supplied while keeping to the highest benchmarks of quality.
  • Instead of third-party warehouses, your orders are stored in Kosher’s own, state of the art warehousing facilities prior to delivery. This ensures that your order is delivered to you in pristine conditions.
  • Kosher’s in-house packaging unit ensures that your products have a longer shelf life , and that they reach you sparkling fresh.
  • With an industry-leading team of import-export veterans, a customer centric approach, timely deliveries and competitive prices, you can rest assured that you are getting the best service available in the domain.

About the founders

  • Pushkar:
    A Mechanical engineer by education, Pushkar is a motivated, and highly driven individual.The driving factor behind Kosher’s drive for quality, Pushkar is a veteran of the import-export industry. Prior to co-founding Kosher, Pushkar has lived and worked in several countries,understanding the intricacies of overseas transport – and is now applying the same knowledge alongside his business acumen to create a world class import-export consultancy.
    An expert in processes and marketing, Pushkar can usually be found researching ways to streamline Kosher’s operations..
  • Darshan:
    Another engineer turned entrepreneur, Darshan comes from a family that boasts of a long legacy in the import-export industry. After performing a detailed study of the traditional methods, as well as the recent advances that have been made in the domain, Darshan has set out to shake the status-quo and create a world-leading brand, along with his co-founder Pushkar. A customer-satisfaction freak, you can find Darshan going out of his way to ensure customer happiness along all stages of their interaction with Kosher.